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About Us
We try to give our customers a friendly, helpful stress free experience.

We have years of experience in producing goods for both individuals and large companies, and we are always willing to try the impossible.

What we are about is simply, to find our customers the solution to their needs in the most cost effective way.

These are just some of the question we say Yes to. " My friend is going Golfing tomorrow and I wanted to give him a Golf shirt with a funny picture on it"

" We are doing an in store promotion and need to get 20 T Shirts to 800 stores by Friday, can you print them, pack them, put in a leaflet for the staff by then ?"

"Its my friends Stag Night and, this sounds ridiculous, but I need some shirts with this horrible picture and a slogan that is a little bit rude"

"I want my name in those sparkling stones, diamante I think they are called, on the back pocket of my jeans, Is that possible?"

" Hi I need 30 T-Shirts for a film shoot in London that is happening in 4 hours time"

"I have my own shirts can you print on them for me?"

"Our usual printer has let us down, can you help?"

" Can you print 2 mugs for our TV show which is being recorded tonight"

"Can you print on Wheelbarrows and Parasols for a sales promotion event?"

"I know it's late on a Friday, but I need some shirts for a concert tomorrow night"
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